Tips for Hosting Family at Tapestry This Fall

August 19, 2019

Making your home in an active aging community is a great way to have the freedom to live your life to the fullest without the burden of home maintenance weighing you down. However, it’s also important for many of the older adults who call Tapestry home to stay connected with family and loved ones.


Whether traveling to visit loved ones is difficult for you, or you would simply like to show your family and friends what life is like in your community, we have a few helpful tips that can make hosting guests for the day a little easier.


  1. Plan the visit ahead of time.


The more time you have to coordinate schedules and make plans, the smoother the visit will be. Give yourself at least a week or two so that you can set up the day with as little stress as possible.


  1. Reserve a space.


Your suite may be large enough for you and your immediate family members but may feel cramped when extended family members and friends are added to the mix. While you should absolutely give them the grand tour of your home, it will likely be less stressful on everyone if you plan to spend most of the time in a more spacious area. We also have guest suites available for rent. Contact concierge as early as possible to reserve this suite for your guests.


We have private venues available by reservation if you want to host a gathering with lots of family, or you can speak with one of our employees about utilizing the outdoor space for spending time with your loved ones.


  1. Let us help you.


We can take the pressure off of preparing for your loved ones’ arrival. Tell us who will be coming and what you have in mind for the day, and we will provide suggestions regarding meals, space requirements and anything else you may not have considered.


We’ll also be able to help you with things like choosing where to make dinner reservations, deciding whether or not you need additional housekeeping and making sure that there aren’t any community events scheduled that could interfere with your family’s visit.


Host Your Family in Style


We want your family and friends to love Tapestry as much as you do, so keep these three tips in mind the next time you’re planning to host your loved ones. We look forward to meeting the people who are closest to you!



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