The Secret is Exercise

August 4, 2016

At the end of Men’s Health Week back in June, we interviewed Glen Patterson after hearing about his three day a week, hour long workouts in the Tapestry Fitness Centre. Tapestry Fitness Instructor Chris invited us to chat with Glen while they completed the hour long session.

Glen’s warm smile and positive attitude is evident as he chats with Chris in the Tapestry Fitness Centre. At 94 years old, Glen has had a lifelong commitment to fitness. He was a runner until he was 72 years old. Glen has also been an avid swimmer and cyclist.

“I have three kids and have made instilling lifelong fitness of upmost importance,” Glen explains. His children all live active lifestyles.

Glen had a trainer before he moved to Tapestry and he explains that having a strong trainer is important. While his last trainer was good, Glen has been very impressed with Tapestry’s Trainers Chris and Brynna.

“They know how to incorporate daily variations to keep the workouts different and interesting. They can also target weaknesses in the body and have a good feel for what needs work. They remind you to breathe and give suggestions for minor adjustments to maximize the impact of your workout,” Glen says of the Tapestry Fitness Team.

“I work out here three or four times a week; I will take anything I can get with the trainers!”

So what is included in 94-year old Glen’s workouts? Well each workout starts with 15 minutes of cardio. On Mondays and Fridays, muscle strengthening and flexibility is worked on. Wednesdays are solely focused on balance.

“I would be dead by now if I didn’t do this. The secret really is exercise. Make it a habit. There is this attitude that after 60 years old and retirement you start to lie around. But instead we need to fight old age and keep our hearts working.”

The enthusiasm Glen has as he explains his weekly routine and gives advice is infectious. So much so that anyone who chats with him is bound to be inspired to become more active. Glen sure had an impact on me. Two weeks after our interview with him, I enrolled in a five day a week 6:00 am boot camp and haven’t looked back!

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