The Ghost of Seniors Housing Past

July 8, 2016

As much as there is a wider variety of options available in the seniors housing marketplace than ever before, the ongoing myth of institutional seniors housing still exists. Many people near 65 years of age or older may have memories of hospital-like settings for seniors of the last generation; a place of low activity segregated from the larger community. Not a place you would associate with wellness, growth or fun necessarily.

“Just the other day I provided a health assessment for a prospective resident at Tapestry at Arbutus Walk. He was shocked by the buzz and activity throughout our community,” explains Health and Wellness Manager Rose Ahmed.

“It seems that many people don’t realize that they can receive support for their health that is customized and delivered in a very comfortable and independent environment”.

Leaving your family home or condo to move to Tapestry does not mean moving into an institution. In fact, it is actually moving into a connected community. As we continue to chat with team members at Tapestry, it is becoming more and more apparent that they love their jobs.  They love coming to work every day because they feel strong connections to one another and to residents. They love their jobs because Tapestry is not an institution, because Tapestry strives to promote independence and connection to support wellness.

Moving at any age to any environment is a stressful undertaking. Moving to Tapestry also means overcoming the myth or ghost of seniors housing past. It means realizing that this is a positive and exciting move!

We challenge you to come into our Tapestry Retirement Communities for a tour and to meet our people. Help us dispel the myth by experiencing how the connections at Tapestry can assist you to grow through wellness while maintaining independence.

Click here to read about our upcoming open house at Tapestry at Wesbrook Village in Vancouver here.

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