Tapestry’s Commitment to Wellness

November 4, 2019

Senior citizens enjoying active living

One thing’s for sure: Tapestry isn’t your average independent living community. Our residents enjoy an active and vital lifestyle filled with new and stimulating experiences.


At our three properties, employees are dedicated to promoting wellness and helping residents live life to the fullest. We take our commitment to healthy living seriously, and as such we offer a number of unique life experiences.


Unforgettable Activities and Events


Our residents are active members of the community who are committed to living life to the fullest. For some, this means daily golfing, cycling and yoga. Others prefer to cook or enjoy made-to-order gourmet meals, and some simply enjoy fostering friendships and cultivating new hobbies with their neighbours.


At Tapestry, we believe that wellness encompasses the mind and spirit as much as the body which is why we encourage our residents to participate in events that help those in need.


Most recently, some of our residents participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer as a part of the Tapestry/Concert fundraising team. This annual event raises money to fund cancer research, care and education, and we are proud to say that four of our residents crossed the finish line as a part of the Concert team. This video showcases their stories and is a great example of the spirit of the Tapestry community.


An Award-Winning Community


Tapestry is focused on creating a close-knit community of adults who are healthy, happy and thriving. Our Wesbrook Village location was recently recognized with a Beacon Award for being one of the 25 Best in Wellness senior living communities in North America, which is a true testament to the success of our Mission.


Wellness is a multi-faceted journey, and we provide as many avenues as possible for Tapestry residents to live their best life possible. Contact us to arrange a visit.



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