Supporting Intellectual Wellness

October 14, 2019

With Tapestry’s focus on active aging and the seven dimensions of wellness, our monthly activities calendars are filled with opportunities for fun and games that help our residents stay intellectually active with the added benefit of creating positive social connection.


In September 2019, all of our communities planned innovative programs focused on supporting brain and memory health.


  • Tapestry at Wesbrook Village hosted the University of British Columbia’s Extended Learning Elder Scholar courses in its UBC-accredited classroom.


  • Village Gate West launched a new program called The Total Brain Health Solution, which offers courses on memory improvement and brain fitness, specifically designed for active aging communities.


  • And at Arbutus Walk, a new fine arts program focused on card-making was introduced, with instruction provided by a resident who is an accomplished artisan.


Why is Tapestry’s focus on intellectual wellness so important? Research has shown time and again that intellectual wellness or lifelong learning is essential to keep our minds active and our brain fully engaged. Research has also found that older adults who pursue intellectual activities also experience greater life satisfaction and enjoyment.


View the activities calendar at Arbutus Walk, Wesbrook Village and Village Gate West to get a sense of the many programs we offer to support intellectual wellness and all other dimensions of wellness that support our residents so they can live their best life possible!

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