Remembering Love and War

November 11, 2015

A wonderful story about a love letter found in the sleeve of a thrift store record reminds us of the powerful longing and love that many veterans experienced during and after war time. The story brought to mind a love story shared by one Tapestry resident who wished to remain anonymous.

When interviewing veterans, one may anticipate stories of battle and training and the emotions that came along with intense fighting. However so often there are stories of love. It’s not only for the movies.

One resident, *Henry (*name changed for privacy) described the first time he laid eyes on his future wife. The Canadian Air Force aero engine mechanic was on leave in Edinburgh at a dance when he fell in love with Jeanne Crain.

“Except her name was Aileen. A beautiful Jeanne Crain with a Scottish accent…” he said with a loving smile of remembrance on his face.

He would go on to ask her to marry him within three weeks. The smartest decision he said he’s ever made.

When the war ended, Aileen would be on one of the first TransCanada airline flights from Montreal to Vancouver. Within 10 days of her arrival, the two were married. Their lives together would include more travel, living overseas, and adventure. Aileen passed away about six years ago.

On Remembrance Day while we remember the sacrifice and bravery of those who fought and continue to fight for our country, remember also to ask veterans about their war story. Often there are stories of inspiration, love, courage, and risk taking.

Lest we forget.


The film featuring Jeanne Crain.


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