Meet the Employee Who Could Produce Tapestry’s Reality Show…

June 11, 2015

There are three Tapestry Retirement Communities in Canada; two in Vancouver and one in Toronto. We happen to have an employee who currently works at our Toronto property who has also worked at both Vancouver properties! We thought that Shelley Lawrence would be a great candidate to tell us about her Tapestry experience and what has kept her with the company through the years and across the country.

What jobs did you have before starting with Tapestry?
I started at Tapestry in 2008 back when Tapestry at Arbutus Walk was called Tapestry at the O’Keefe in Vancouver. Before joining Tapestry, I had worked for a couple of other retirement communities since 2001. Previously, I worked for Club Med resorts and was doing stand in work for actors.

Tell us about your Tapestry experience.
For four years, I worked full time on the front desk at Tapestry at Arbutus Walk. I then switched to part time for a year but missed the community so much, I knew I needed to come back full time. In 2013, I moved to Tapestry at Wesbrook Village in Vancouver where I played a few different roles. I worked the front desk, helped the sales team with prospects, and helped Ying (bookkeeper).

So how did you end up across the county in Toronto at Tapestry at Village Gate West?
Well, I’m originally from London, Ontario. While I was at Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, Rita, the sales manager from Toronto, had been out to Vancouver to assist with training and sales. Around the same time, I was feeling a pull to go home to see my mom. With Rita’s encouragement and determination to have me work for the Toronto property, I made the decision to move! My first day here at Tapestry at Village Gate West was June 1, 2014; just over a year ago.

You are in such a great position to talk about the Tapestry experience! What’s special about working for Tapestry?
It’s the sense of community; not just for the residents but also for the staff. Tapestry needs a reality show! We laugh every day… and I mean tears rolling down my face laugh!

How would you describe the differences between the Tapestry communities?
I feel like Tapestry is a family. So each of the Tapestry properties are like brothers and sister. All unique in their own ways yet bonded together.

Why would you recommend others to work for Tapestry?
Every day I wake up and I want to go to work. I don’t know how many people can say that. Fun is encouraged through Leisure Care leadership, Catherine, VP of Operations. And everyday something memorable happens. It’s wonderful to learn about the residents and entertaining when resident’s families learn something new about their loved one’s lifestyle at Tapestry. Yes, your mom loves having martinis with her friends before dinner! And yes, dad sits up at 10 pm reading the paper! And lastly, safety and accountability are of the upmost importance at Tapestry. This is something that the staff can take pride in and family members can take peace of mind from.


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