How to Start a Walking Workout Routine

September 16, 2019

Here at Tapestry we offer professional physical training services to help residents pursue their fitness goals. The human body is designed for walking, and the activity presents an excellent way for older adults to exercise. Even people who rely on a cane or walker can adopt a regular walking workout. Walking 5 times a week could reduce the chances of heart disease and stroke, and maintaining physical fitness also lowers the risk of falls.


Get Started With a Health Check


Older adults who have been inactive for a long time or have serious health problems should consult a physician before starting to exercise. Medical advice could help an individual avoid overexertion and injury.


The Right Shoes


We encourage walkers of any age to choose a comfortable pair of cross-training athletic shoes. Special orthopedic shoes might be advisable for people with foot problems.


Commit to 12 Weeks of Walking


Setting an initial goal of walking for 12 weeks could help you stay motivated. The very act of setting a goal counteracts the tendency to give up. For maximum benefit, plan a walking workout 5 times a week.


Short workouts of only 15 minutes in the first week can help prevent new walkers from getting discouraged. Older adults should begin with 5 minutes of slow walking as a warm-up. Then, they can pick up the pace to brisk walking for 5 minutes followed by a 5-minute cool down period of slower walking. Light stretching before and after the walk can help ease post-workout muscle soreness.


Every week, try adding a few minutes to the brisk walking period. With this approach, you will reach at least 30 minutes by the twelfth week.


After walking for 12 weeks, people usually feel healthier and want to keep up with their walking workouts.


Find a Walking Buddy or Group


Exercising with other like-minded older adults who are interested in their fitness can keep you motivated. By scheduling regular meetups with other walkers, you’ll gain a social activity to look forward to. Here at Tapestry, you have plenty of opportunities to meet other older adults who want to make fitness a priority.


Our philosophy of “active aging” creates an atmosphere where older adults can thrive throughout their retirements. With regularly scheduled walking groups, destination walks and local walks with a group are readily available. In Toronto, the walking club has also participated in the Terry Fox Run for the past several years. Get in touch with our wellness teams to learn more.

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