How to Make the Transition To an Active Aging Community Smoother

August 12, 2019

Making the choice to move to an active aging community is a big step for older adults, and it can feel overwhelming for everyone involved. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxiety or concern when making this type of change, but transitioning from the family home to your new one within the community doesn’t have to be stressful.


Below are a few helpful tips for making the move to an active aging community smoother.


  1. Give yourself time.


You’re starting a new chapter of your life, so it’s natural to feel some trepidation beforehand. As you go through your possessions in preparation for the move, allow yourself to cherish the memories they bring before storing or donating the ones you can live without.


Research the best ways to downsize beforehand, and don’t hesitate to speak with Tapestry Sales Advisors and Move-in Coordinators who can give you pointers on what to bring and what to store. It’s usually best to bring only the things that have true, deep value to you. Your new home should have the familiar things you cherish but also plenty of space to add new memories.


  1. Get involved now.


You don’t have to wait until you’re settled into your new home to start participating in the community. Grab an event calendar, and start attending the events that pique your interest. It’s much easier to transition into community life when you already have friends and interests waiting for you.


In addition, you can typically speak with employees about coming to our restaurant and pub every so often while you’re preparing to move. Sharing lunch or dinner is a great way to meet people before moving day.


  1. Be patient with yourself.


Regardless of how much preparation you do, it’s almost certain that there will still be rough times. You may have moments when you feel sad or nostalgic, and you may even feel like you’ve made a mistake in moving. There may be upsetting days when things don’t go right or plans don’t come together. All of these things are normal and part of the transition process.


Learn to recognize these emotions for what they are, and allow yourself to feel them without judgment. They will pass, and as you continue to settle into your new life, they will come up far less frequently. Talk with supportive friends or loved ones, and know that nearly every resident has experienced what you’re going through.


Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Hard


Transitioning into community life at Tapestry can take some time, but these tips can help make the move smoother on everyone.



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