How Our Residents Have Been Keeping Fit These Days

May 17, 2019

Staying fit and active is an important part of living a happy, healthy life. Getting up and moving is especially important as you get older, and that’s why we love hearing about how Tapestry residents are choosing to keep themselves fit and healthy.


We have two great stories from residents who understand just how important fitness is, so keep reading to get inspired with new ways to stay on track with your own activity.


Staying Fit Like Peter


First up, we have Peter Harrison. Peter says that our big Fit Feb event is what gave him the motivation he needed to stay active.


During the Fit Feb challenge, Peter had plenty of encouragement from his “accountabilibuddy,” and the fierce competition between teams sparked a fire in Peter to rise to the occasion.


Peter experienced a noticeable amount of weight loss as well, and all of these factors combined to keep him motivated towards his goal of improved overall fitness.


In Peter, even developed a steady routine that he sticks with now so that healthy behaviors are part of his regular day.


Peter’s upgraded lifestyle includes making choices such as always taking the stairs, choosing to snack on raw veggies, substituting alcohol with club soda and lime, drinking two glasses of water when he wakes up, cutting back on desserts and continuing with his healthy food choices. Most importantly, he says that he plans to continue attending Tapestry‚Äôs daily fitness classes.


Wellness According to Ethel


We also heard from another one of our residents, Ethel McIntosh, about how she stays fit and fabulous.


Ethel is a Westbrook Village resident, and she is a huge advocate for the importance of daily exercise in the pursuit of wellness. She understands that staying active is one of the best ways to keep her cognitive skills sharp in addition to helping keep her body in shape.


Like Peter, Ethel always takes the stairs instead of using the elevator. She knows that incorporating a few extra steps here and there can really add up. She also likes to stay active with her favourite indoor and outdoor activities, and she follows a strict regimen of healthy eating that she swears by.



Tell Us How You Stay Fit


Now that you’ve heard Peter and Ethel’s stories, we want to hear from you. How do you incorporate fitness into your daily life?


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