Happy Father’s Day

June 19, 2016

The team at Tapestry wishes a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Whether you are able to head to a baseball game together, share a meal, share dad stories and memories with friends and family, or chat on the phone from a distance, cherish the time!

General Manager from Tapestry at Arbutus Walk, HeeSon Domay: 

“I grew up on a tiny island just off of Vancouver Island, called Hornby Island and our house was on a dead end gravel road with a large lagoon out front on the beach.  I spent every waking moment outside on that beach when I didn’t have to help my Dad in his garden.  Which was quite often!  As you can imagine, it was quite the wildlife of natural beauty – green salal, wild flowers, heavy salt air and a thick forest.  My Dad’s garden was a thing of beauty!  He lovingly cultivated delicate rose bushes, tulips, daffodils and flowering annuals.  He would dig 6 feet deep holes to carefully sift the soil and so that he could layer soft rich earthy soil, sandy soil, fertilizer before replanting any of his flowering trees.  All of our neighbours knew of Dad’s hard work and would always come by to admire his garden – but so did those darn deer!  It was like the deer knew when the new, ripe buds of flowers were just beginning to open and come for a tasty meal!  My Dad was a tall, broad Swedish man with piercing bright blue eyes, thick wavy white hair and a long white beard.  One morning, he came out to his garden to see that 4 deer were munching away on his flowers!  He picked up a handful of rocks and started throwing the rocks at the deer, yelling and chasing them out of his garden across the road to the nearby forest.  A young family of 4 were walking down the gravel road and all the two little kids saw was 4 deer bound into the forest and a big man with white hair and beard run after them yelling.  Both kids immediately ran up to my Dad saying “Santa Claus, Santa Claus – your reindeer are getting away!  We’ll help you get them back!”  And both kids ran down the road after the deer.  Luckily my Dad knew their parents and had a good chuckle while the kids roamed up and down the side of the road calling “Dasher, Dancer – come back come back.  Santa needs you!”

Sales Advisor Mike Wilson from Tapestry at Arbutus Walk:

“As a new dad my favorite thing to do is bring them out to our community to meet some of our residents. We are a great family meeting spot and the seniors love to see babies!!!

Mike brought his little ones to meet HeeSon (centre) over the holidays!

Mike brought his little ones to meet HeeSon (centre) over the holidays!

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