Food: The Great Connector

May 31, 2017

Michael Wu, Restaurant Manager

Team: Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, Vancouver

Favourite part of the job: problem solving

What other career he might have pursued: counselling

Favourite food: Japanese food and the fresh salmon prepared in the Tapestry restaurant

Michael Wu is Tapestry’s newest restaurant manager being promoted to the position a few months ago. He has been a server in the Tapestry at Wesbrook Village restaurant for the past two years. Michael has a strong background in hospitality in a variety of environments making him a dynamic and qualified individual for the position with Tapestry.

Leaving Hong Kong in 1979, Michael came to Toronto where he completed grade 13. He then attended post-secondary in the US where he finished a degree in business information systems. Upon completion, back in Toronto, Michael opened two travel agencies which he ran for a number of years. Then in 2004/2005, Michael and his family moved to Guatemala where he ran a Panda Express franchise for 10 years. At this time, he decided to move to Vancouver where he would serve at restaurants downtown. Here he met current Tapestry server Doug. He credits Doug with bringing him to Tapestry where he began his career in retirement living over two years ago.

Michael strives to connect residents as much as possible and often helps with Chinese translation when he can. He is a lover of details; Michael has taken the time to know every resident’s name and what they enjoy in the restaurant. He believes in leading by example and demonstrates to his team in the restaurant how to connect with residents.

Michael has been a great addition to the management team at Tapestry at Wesbrook Village. Meet him when you come in for lunch or dinner with a family member or for a tour and meal.

“I like to encourage social meals and have been able to connect different residents. Being able to do this and to overcome difficult situations makes me take great pride in working for Tapestry”.

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