Defining the “Blue Zones” Lifestyle

May 13, 2019

Defining the “Blue Zones” Lifestyle


Everyone wants to know the secrets to living a longer, happier life. The Blue Zones lifestyle aims to help people of all ages learn to incorporate a few of the habits of the longest-living people in the world in order to make their own lives longer and richer.


Dan Buettner is the founder of Blue Zones, and he has written several books backed by research into how the world’s healthiest and happiest communities live.


According to Buettner, “Living longer and feeling better is the sum of a few small, easy choices you can incorporate into everyday life.”


What Are Blue Zones?


Before you can understand how the Blue Zone lifestyle works, it’s helpful to understand where the term originates. While studying longevity, some of the area’s founding scholars used small, blue circles to denote “longevity hotspots”.


Now, the term “Blue Zones” is trademarked and refers to the overall concept of Buettner’s books and philosophy.


Is This Another Fad Diet?


Unlike some diet plans, the Blue Zone lifestyle does not outline a strict diet or exercise regimen. Instead, it asks you to take a step back and learn about how certain foods and habits can contribute to you leading a richer, happier and healthier life. For instance, the Blue Zones Lifestyle recommends cutting sugar out of your morning coffee, getting involved in your community and getting a dog among other healthy habits.

Living a Blue Zones life can be as simple as cutting sugar out of your morning coffee

The key to living a Blue Zones life is making slow, consistent changes that can be maintained over time. There are many important concepts to embrace and habits to incorporate, but you’re never supposed to pick more than a few at a time to work on.


Blue Zones isn’t a diet, exercise plan or sudden life overhaul. It utilizes research and experience to help anyone of any age learn how to fill his or her life with more joy and less stress.


What Are the Benefits of a Blue Zones Lifestyle?


It’s normal to be skeptical of any diet, philosophy or idea that claims to be life-changing. However, Blue Zones is only as life-altering as you want it to be.


When outlining the plan, Buettner notes that living a Blue Zones life can help with any of the following:


– Getting better sleep

– Having more energy and strength

– Feeling happier and more connected

– Being empowered to better your community

– Living a longer life


A Blue Zones life is about feeling happy and connected to those around you

Make Blue Zones Work For You


The philosophy is quite in-depth, but the basic idea is simple: Make small, steady adjustments to certain aspects of your life in order to start living the life you truly want. Learn more here.



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