5 Tech Gadgets That Can Help Older Adults Live Independently

May 24, 2019

Aging is a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean that seniors must inevitably give up their independence. Because technology has become so advanced, it is now possible for older adults to live comfortably and well with the help of a few apps and gadgets. Below are five great tech solutions that can help elders live a healthy, happy and independent life.

  1. Reminder Rosie


Reminder Rosie is a talking clock that offers caregivers a low-stress way to help their aging loved ones live better. The clock can be programmed with up to 25 daily reminders for things like medication, exercise, eating or anything else that would normally be regulated by a caregiver.


The clock is easy to operate, and reminders can be recorded in your voice for a more personal feel.


  1. GeriJoy


This caregiving companion provides personalized, 24/7 interaction for your loved one. It connects seniors to a remote team of professional, human caregivers that can offer emotional support, social interaction and gentle reminders through a care avatar.


  1. Tapestry For Seniors and Families


For many, social media has become a pervasive part of life, but seniors often find it too overwhelming to keep up with the various platforms. Aging loved ones want to stay connected to children and grandchildren without the hassle, and this is where the Tapestry app comes in.


Tapestry allows families to streamline sharing photos, videos, emails and chats into one simple, straightforward app. It can be accessed on tablets, mobile phones or desktop computers, so no additional technology is needed.


  1. GrandCare


GrandCare is a comprehensive gadget that provides seniors with an easy touchscreen interface for things like reminders, medication prompts, social media and daily instructions. It’s completely intuitive and allows adult children and caregivers to easily access a loved one’s health information if needed without nagging or invading privacy.


  1. Lively


Lively is a discreet, mobile medical alert system that can give you and your loved one peace of mind. The Lively device is wearable and waterproof, and it works outside the home so that your loved one can feel safe anywhere. It operates on the cellular network, which means that it also has GPS capabilities and access to professional help around the clock.


Lively also gives access to registered nurses and doctors in case of emergency; and family and friends can also stay updated on the wearer’s health and safety.


Age Independently


Growing older doesn’t mean losing independence. These five gadgets can help seniors live well on their own terms.



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