5 Podcasts to Listen to this Fall

September 2, 2019


Here at Tapestry , we enable active and engaged lifestyles for older adults on their terms. We include free Wi-Fi throughout our communities so that residents can stay connected to loved ones and explore their interests.


In recent years, podcasts have emerged as a popular online medium. Essentially Internet radio programs, they cover an endless variety of subjects. Accessible through tablets, computers, or smartphones, podcasts produce regular audio content to satisfy almost anyone’s taste.


These five popular podcasts educate and entertain their audiences. As the days grow shorter this fall, older adults can cozy up with these fascinating audio programs and learn something new.


  1. Freakonomics


Journalist Stephen J. Dubner and economist Steven D. Levitt delve deeply into data to solve problems or reveal unexpected truths. Their research about political and social issues is certain to spark thought-provoking discussions.


  1. Criminal


The true crime stories presented in this podcast, whether they are solved or complete mysteries, allow listeners to ponder the darker side of human nature. Stories encompass criminals, determined investigators, and people caught up in startling situations that no one should have to face.


  1. The Mike Lupica Show


Sports fans get an insider’s view of professional sports from the often controversial Mike Lupica. The well-known sports columnist interviews a new guest every week to discuss the triumphs, scandals, and challenges within the sports world.


  1. Home Cooked


Ranked among the top 25 podcasts of 2018 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Home Cooked tells the stories behind family recipes. In addition to learning new recipes, listeners get to ponder the beauty and importance of passing recipes from one generation to the next.


  1. The Secret Life of Canada


This podcast produced by CBC Radio features two hosts who research little-known people and events from Canada’s long history. Listeners meet interesting characters from the past, including indigenous doctors, cowboys and musicians. From gold rushes to ghost stories, the podcast reveals the astounding diversity of the country.


At Tapestry, we’ve designed environments where older adults can thrive. Residents have access to activities where they can socialize and interesting facts that they learn through podcasts will serve as great conversation starters.

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