5 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends this Fall

September 23, 2019

Tapestry promotes active aging. In our three communities, residents have opportunities to make friends and entertain family members. The stimulating yet easygoing atmosphere provides a great setting for organizing a game. With the pressures of career and raising a family significantly reduced, many residents have the leisure time available to play board games like these during pleasant fall days or evenings.


  1. Scrabble


The classic game gives wordsmiths a chance to shine. Older adults can pit their knowledge of vocabulary against the luck of the draw as they select letter tiles. As players try to build words with the few letters available to them, they race to score the most points before the tiles run out.


  1. Pandemic


Those craving a new challenge can fight a hypothetical outbreak of global disease in the Pandemic board game. Known as a cooperative board game, Pandemic players work together to distribute resources and contain disease before it spreads around the world. All players either win together by saving the world or lose as plague overtakes civilization.


  1. Risk


Another classic game where dreams of world domination come down to each throw of the dice. Players begin with control of specific countries and then work to overtake continents until other players have been defeated. Game play requires players to choose where to launch offensives with their armies while trying to defend their existing territories.


  1. Rummikub


Players place their numbered and coloured tiles in racks and take turns forming sequenced or grouped numbers in the same colour. The goal is to use all tiles in the rack before other players. People new to the game can quickly grasp the rules and start competing in no time.


  1. Trivial Pursuit


Trivial pursuit challenges players to answer questions in various categories, including literature, sports, science and geography. Players hope to complete each category and advance to the final round before opponents do the same. The opponents, however, get to select the leader’s final question and hopefully delay the win so that they can catch up.


What about Cards Against Humanity? Kidding……..


Regularly playing board games can help older adults build friendships and stimulate their minds. Tapestry fosters these goals with well-designed spaces that encourage socialization.

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