5 Books About Managing Money as a Retiree

September 9, 2019

A lifetime of hard work and careful financial planning prepare people to retire comfortably. Money management does not end, however, when people retire. Older adults typically adjust their spending to accommodate fixed incomes. Some people also welcome the opportunity to spend more time managing investments now that they have fewer demands on their time. Estate planning frequently becomes a concern as well. Many personal finance books focus on the needs of younger people, but these titles guide older adults through the process of managing money during retirement.


  1. Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income, Personal Finance for Seniors

by Editors of FC&A Publishing


This title explains strategies for controlling expenses while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.


  1. The Savvy Senior: The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family, and Finances for Senior Citizens

by Jim Miller


The book collects material published in “The Savvy Senior” syndicated advice column. Chapters cover diverse subjects, including travel, reverse mortgages and estate planning. Readers gain financial advice about health care subjects, like hearing aids and nutrition, as well as warnings about telemarketing fraud.


  1. Retirement Income for Life: Getting More Without Saving More

by Frederick Vettese


Financial planning for an unknown number of years of life challenges all older adults. This book focuses on managing life savings so that the nest egg can produce a sustainable retirement income.


  1. Your Retirement Income Blueprint: A Six-Step Plan to Design and Build a Secure Retirement

by Daryl Diamond


The author describes methods for making the most of existing assets. The book presents important strategies for combining benefits from the Canada Pension Plan with personal funds to realize the best long-term income possible. Readers also gain valuable insights about controlling taxation of retirement income.


  1. Your Money’s Worth: The Essential Guide to Financial Advice for Canadians

by Shamez Kassam


In this book, the author reveals how the financial planning industry in Canada works. The insights improve consumers’ ability to navigate choices and find appropriate advisors. The author explains the types of available investment products so that readers can understand their options and evaluate financial advice more effectively.


Tapestry recognizes that financial comfort is an important aspect of well-being for older adults. These books could help them anticipate their financial needs and make informed decisions about their money. Tapestry also frequently hosts professional speakers on the subject of financial planning. Keep an eye on our events page and on your inbox for these opportunities.

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