3 Tips to Kick Start Your Move

February 11, 2016

Nearly everyone could benefit from some decluttering. We often try to do some of it annually. Spring cleaning provides opportunity to get rid of items we have had sitting around in our homes. Perhaps they are no longer used, broken, or maybe out of style. When you need to downsize your belongings to move to a new home, the task can become overwhelming. You may fear making the wrong decisions.

What will you give away? What will you try to sell? What will you keep? What will you need to replace? Do you act as a storage facility for your children’s or grandchildren’s belongings?

The challenges can be plentiful. Do not allow them to be a barrier to your success.

“There is a formula to successfully making the transition into Tapestry at Wesbrook Village. What you need is a zest for life, meaningful friends in your life, and the things that you love.” explains Christina Capp, Move-In Coordinator.

Tapestry Move-In CoordinatorChristina is a familiar face at Tapestry Retirement Communities for the past few years. She provides customized service included in your move to assist with your transition. With over 25 years of experience in interior design, she can help you design your new home at Tapestry. Christina will help put your mind at ease.

“There are different barriers for different people. None of their things are ‘junk’ to them, there are years’ worth of memories in items, and they have worked hard for their houses and can’t imagine leaving them” Christina explains.

The benefits of moving into a retirement community like Tapestry are plentiful. A move to improve your quality of life, food choices, safety, and new opportunity will provide peace of mind and heart for you and your loved ones.

Ok, so you know you have a lot of work to do to sift through years of items and memories. Where do you start? Here are three tips:

  1. Digital Downsizing. Do you have boxes of home videos and photos? Did you know there are professionals who can digitize these for you and even create beautiful new (and smaller) keepsakes? Libraries also have equipment to scan and save.
  2. Tackle one room at a time. Focus on one area in order to ensure you can manage. Within the room, tackle one area at a time until complete.
  3. Use a system. Determine a straightforward way to determine what will happen with your items. Categories can include “donation”, “give to family”, “sell”, “dispose”, “keep”. Tag the items you love.

Moving for anyone can be tough. There are professionals who are trained and experienced in successful tactics to make the transition as low in stress as possible. This way you can focus on what’s most important – thinking about what new opportunities are ahead!

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